Mistakes and Traps to Avoid on the FI Journey | Podcast

Mistakes and Traps to Avoid on the FI Journey – FIRE & Chill – Episode 30

Dave: [00:00:00]  Hello everyone. And welcome back to a new episode of fire and chill. Thanks for tuning in wherever you are  from our stats, we can see that most of our listeners are from the capital cities around Australia, which makes sense when you think about it, but we do have some listeners from overseas. Did you notice that pat?

Pat: [00:00:33] A few surely they’re just like ex-pats.

Dave: [00:00:36] Well, or accidentally clicking on us.

Pat: [00:00:38] Yeah. Maybe I don’t expect our information to be too relevant to those in where’s the next biggest country.

Dave: [00:00:44] I think we got like 1% from Europe and 1% from that’s at us. I think 1% from us as well.

Pat: [00:00:50] yeah. definitely

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