Australian Dog Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Instagram is all about hashtags and filters, right? Well, maybe in some circles. But when it comes to dog Instagram, we think that #nofilterneeded is more accurate.

We’ve scoured Australian dog Instagram for the best furry content creators out there. And no matter whether they’re bona fide influencers with thousands of followers or unknown gems, we think these are five of the best accounts on the ‘gram right now.

And who doesn’t need more dog photos and videos to scroll through for some downtime?

Dogs on Instagram: 5 unique Aussie accounts

We know, we know. Your dog is the best. Everybody thinks they have the best dog, and you’re right – for you.

But dog Instagram escapades are the best when that pup love is shared with others, even better when it’s likeminded Aussies. And all of these Instagrammers are based right here down under.

So, read on to find your new favourite Insta account.

1. @doggosofsydney for wholesome doggo profiles with a twist

The Instagram posts on Dogs of Sydney are written from the dogs’ perspective. The aim? To profile the doggos of Sydney one by one, of course. We love it because it’s cute, funny, and heartwarming. The captions are all beautifully written and perfectly capture each dog’s personality.

If you’re a Sydney local, send in your dog’s picture to be featured. Make sure it’s a good pic to increase your chances though. Maybe check out our dog photography tips beforehand to help your pooch can get extra Insta-famous.

2. for the ultimate doggy supermodel

HOW adorable are those eye patches? We’re not sure what breed Floki is, though we’re guessing she might be part Panda and part Border Collie.

But really, we don’t care. She’s perfect, and we’re here for it. Follow this Insta account if you want the equivalent of perfectly posed glossy magazine shots. But with a dog who looks like an adorable plush toy. What’s not to love?

3. @myaussietribe for unashamedly Aussie dog Instagram

There are some things which are just outrageously Australian. Tim Tam slams, the chicken parm special at your local pub, and shortening every word longer than two syllables. Sometimes even the one syllable ones, to be honest.

And this Instagram account is another unabashed celebration of all things Aussie, featuring three Australian Shepherds and one Great Dane living their best lives. By which we mean spending long days at the beach, going for walks, and cuddling on the couch.

One of the Shepherds even has a mesmerising bright blue eye. We’re in looooove.

4. @adoptadog_au for rescue dogs in search of a home

If your feed is 70% dogs, maybe it’s a sign to add another one to your home? We love the way this account showcases all kinds of dogs from all kinds of situations.

It’s a good one to follow if you’re considering bringing home an adopted dog now… or in the future. Even if you’re not ready for extra pawprints on the furniture, it’s full of cute pups and happy stories that will make your day.

And who knows, maybe you’ll stumble upon the furry friend of your dreams.

5. @bentleythegroodle for fluffy dog Instagram delights

Alright, so you know about Labradoodles. But what about Groodles? This Golden Retriever cross Poodle is officially one of our favourite dog breeds now. Just look at how gorgeous Bentley is! That little mustache…those gorgeous brown eyes…that curly fur… swoon.

Oh, and to save you doing more searching, here’s a yellow Groodle dog Instagram account – Sonny is from Australia too!

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Dog Instagram – over to you 

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