About Us

Rainbow Marketing Group is a marketing agency that focuses on sustainable search engine marketing & online advertising. To be perfectly honest, it’s not easy to sum us up. We are an eclectic group of individuals who happen to really like each other. We come with distinctly different personalities brought together by one driving force: Passion. Passion for search, passion for learning. We cater to an intellectual curiosity that propels us forward and a competitive drive that rarely allows us to see our clients get beaten. We relish the toughest challenges and welcome opportunities for growth and progress to the point of being uncompromising, even obsessive. When it comes down to it, we are the people who have got your back because we know you and your work, and we want to make sure everyone else does too.


Remember life before Google? It’s amazing how quickly it’s become the place you go when you need to find just about anything.

So, it goes without saying, when a company’s potential customers turn to Google, or any other search engine, looking for the product or service they provide, the more prominent the results, the better.

Well, climbing up that mountain of results can be an arduous, even bewildering journey. To succeed, you need an experienced guide by your side with killer instincts and a sixth sense – an ever-curious search engine companion who knows the way and who’ll take your hand while confidently saying, “Come with me.”